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Making an Impact for an Auto Dealer Group: 8 Locations

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The Problem

An East Coast dealer group with eight total dealerships was struggling in 2019 to manage the chaos that came with keeping up with the ever-changing digital trends in the automotive industry. The business was being bottle-necked and was looking for ways to take back control of their organization. 

Similar to other organizations, this group had a Director of Operations who was responsible for all eight dealerships. Unfortunately, this manager was also the individual who was actively managing things like SEO, Web Banners, Paid Media, and Email Marketing. They had to ensure campaigns were being built, sent and optimized on a monthly basis. 

While managing all of the marketing hands on, it had left little time for the manager to focus on other parts of the organization that needed attention. There were pain points affecting the team and the business everyday.

Ultimately, with limited access to resources like people and technology internally, the dealer group was seeing a decline in year-over-year sales. They were finding it very hard to keep up with the curve. The group decided that they needed a solution that would make a serious impact on their business. They were looking for a team that could bring them this solution in an organized way, that didn’t cost an arm and leg since they had multiple shingles. 

The Solution

PIN’s solution was to give the dealer group back control of their time and energy and ensure they could focus on the dealerships while everything related to marketing was going to be taken care of. PIN built the dealer group a managed service solution that would alleviate the burden of juggling marketing for all eight dealerships.  

The managed services included media planning and process mapping that included initiatives to get each of the eight dealerships ahead of the curve. Each dealership received a twelve month planning schedule that allowed the PIN marketing teams to be building campaigns and creative, well ahead of schedule to ensure a smooth launch as seasonality and specials changed.

On top of creating a bulletproof plan and processes to ensure the plan was activated upon, PIN activated additional marketing services on behalf of the dealer group that includes; email marketing campaigns, web banner updates, search engine optimization strategies and other marketing tool management for call recording and reputation monitoring.

Ease the chaos of trying to manage all channels effectively.
Related to: form submissions, test-drive requests, finance pre-approval applications.
Drive towards accuracy and precision upon execution and planning.

Additionally, in order to increase brand awareness and drive more conversions to the dealerships, PIN highlighted opportunities within their geography. Then deployed campaigns aggressively targeting both their top performing zip codes and also their top opportunity zip codes,  aiming to increase both sales volume and volume of new registrations within their sales region.

The Results

In Q1 of 2020, PIN launched marketing and data services for the dealer group’s eight locations on the east coast. Reports for the first month of the year indicated immediate lift in their business. Tactics and strategies that went into the market included a New Year’s sales event, across social, search and display channels. Additionally, the dealerships gained access to the vast network and deal offer platform PIN built and manages nationally.

Below are some of the results from their first month working with PIN Business Network. The company has also reported back astronomical increases for year over year sales going into the next month too.

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