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Increasing Qualified Leads While Decreasing Cost-per-Acquisition at a Law Firm

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We helped a personal injury law firm drive valuable conversions and increase caseload in a competitive market.

The Goal

Despite being outspent by competitors in the personal injury space, our client’s goal was to gain market share by increasing overall caseload and attracting more highly valued cases. This included increasing the baseline for average cases per month, increasing higher rated cases in their case mix, and increasing effectiveness of marketing dollars and the ability to reach new potential clients.

The Solution

In order to achieve the client’s goals, we created and deployed a data-driven, multi-tier digital strategy that conveyed the client’s core brand promise while increasing the effectiveness of dollars spent in-market.

Increase Paid Media Exposure and Brand Awareness

In order to increase brand awareness and drive up CTR, we deployed Facebook ads to retargeting and prospecting audiences such as families, those who have been in auto accidents or those who filed a worker’s comp claim. In addition, we deployed organic content on our social platforms to engage the community and further increase exposure to our client’s brand and services.

Multi-channel, Hyper-local Display Advertising

In addition to social platforms, we built advertising on the Display Network and utilized geo-targeting to reach specific audiences more likely to engage with the client. We also utilized alternative channels by advertising on radio, creating a Spanish campaign, and deploying connected TV ads.

Revamped Paid Search Strategies

We revamped the client’s existing paid search campaigns by deploying strategic keyword and bidding strategies. Our adjustments were based on internal best practices as well as brand, competitor, and enhanced cost-per-click metrics.

The Results

As a result of our efforts, our client’s year-over-year caseload increased by 28% in just 9 months. Furthermore, every month since the partnership began showed an increase in number of overall cases versus the previous year.

Our client also saw growth in the percentage of “high-value” cases coming to their firm versus previous years.

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